About LaPrice

LaPrice is an Online Ecommerce Subsidiary of kpInspirationals; a media/publishing firm, based in Abuja, Nigeria

How To Sell on LaPrice

Selling on LaPrice.com.ng is easy and straighforward. Create A Free Account, then login into your account and go to your account page (e.g. https://laprice.com.ng/yourname). If you need further help, click this link: How To Create A Free Book Merchant Account on LaPrice


20% of every sale is required by LaPrice on all books sold

Welcome to LaPrice

LaPrice is a powerful ebook marketplace that makes book sales easy for Nigerian expert writers and authors. LaPrice is an online e-commerce platform that helps Nigerian writers to earn up to 80% from their books. Create your own merchant account - start earning money while sleeping! Create Book Seller Account, Start Earning 80% Income Instantly!