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Created By: unyime udoh in Education & Teaching (Oct 30, 2017)

Divided Vision: The Reason for Church Breakups & Breakouts In The World



The Android Manager aims at targeting some of the android device class managers. It also exposes readers to other useful classes in android such as the widget, webview, display, fragment, intent, broadcast receiver etc. It also teaches about HTML, JavaScript, CSS and SQL. The reference has been prepared to help understand the basic to advance concepts related to the android programming language. Chapter 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8 and 9 are known as beginners’ level. They are used in attaining a guarantee level. Chapter 5, 10, 15 are known as guarantee level. Chapter 11, 12, 13, 14 are known as the advance level. The book prepared you to be called an advance developer of the android manager. Get the book and become the manager of your device. Contents may include;



1. AudioManager

2. AlarmManager

3. BatteryManager

4. NotificationManager

5. ConnectivityManager

6. PowerManager

7. WifiManager

8. BluetoothManager

9. SmsManager

10. TelephonyManager

11. DownloadManager

12. Fragment and Window Manager

13. PackageManager

14. LocationManager

15. SQLManager



You can contact me at if you are having a problem with any aspect of the book, and I will do my best to address it.

Reader feedback

Feedback from our readers is always welcome. Let us know what you think about this book. What you liked or may have disliked. To send us general feedback, simply send an e-mail to, and mention the book title via the subject of your message. If there is a topic that you have expertise in and you are interested in either writing or contributing to the book, send us on our email at


How to get the book

To get this book in the PDF format, follow the below procedures.

1. Make sure you have a Gmail account.

2. Send an email to stating the subject as "i want this book" follow by your content or description

3. Wait for a confirmation message for security purpose.

4. A details procedure will be sent back to you on how to get the book



Subject: I want this book

Description: I want to purchase this book. What is the procedure?


How To Compose A Gmail Message

1. Sign in to your Gmail account by filling the appropriate details

2. click on the compose button

3. Input the Recipient Gmail address, subject and description of the contents

4. click on the send button



Supported Browser

The browser supported in downloading the PDF book include Google chrome, fire fox, opera mini

You can download the book in two approaches. The recommended approach is using your PC. This is the easiest means because it is efficient and saves time. An alternative approach is using your android device.


Approach One: Using your PC (personal computer)

The recommended browser are Google chrome, fire fox and opera mini (latest version)

1. Navigate to using the recommended browser above

2. Input your user name and password

3. Click on the received message.

4. Use your mouse to scroll to the picture. Two options will be display. The first option to download and the second option to upload to Google drive.

5. Click on the download and wait till downloading is successful

6. Open the downloaded file with your desire PDF reader like Adobe reader

7. Enjoy.


Approach Two: Using your Android Device

The recommended browser is Google Chrome.

1. Download and install Google chrome

2. Navigate to using the recommended web browser

3. Fill in your details correctly

4. Click on the received message

5. Click on the received file. The one with the pdf extension

6. Wait till download is successful

7. Open the downloaded file with your desire PDF reader like Adobe reader.

8. Enjoy



Wrapping things up

In general, you need to have

1. A browser like opera mini, fire fox, Google chrome (latest version) for PC. Alternatively, browser like Google chrome for android.

2. A Google mail account (Gmail)

3. A PDF reader like Adobe reader, wps, etc

4. A working SMS plan

5. Internet Connections

6. An android phone or PC.

 If you have any complain or questions, don’t hesitate to use the comment box below. Unycorporation, our world revolves around only you.




Android programming


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