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Leadership Waking Call: Nothing Changes Until!

Created By: Gboyega Adedeji in Self Growth (Apr 25, 2017)

Divided Vision: The Reason for Church Breakups & Breakouts In The World

One of the foremost leadership thoughts is the law of motion propounded by the great leader and Physicist, Isaac Newton, “an object at rest stays at rest and an object in motion stays in motion with the same speed and in the same direction unless acted upon by an unbalanced force.” That law of motion explicitly imply that nothing changes until something changes it!

We live in a world of miracles, quick relief, quick money and quick growth; we basically live for quickness and to see quick things. We are so much into this quickness that we feed on quick meals, attend quick courses, organize quick events, engage in quick courtships and we unfortunately find ourselves in quick marriages that only last for a short while.

In society as ours, we may be tempted to belief that quickness is the same with effectiveness; and as long as things gets quickly done, they are done. As long as we quickly respond, we have responded. As long as we quickly pass through a process, we have passed through the process. While we may excite ourselves for a while with this manner of thought and living; we will soon realize that what we have been doing is not done; and what we have been building is not built.

While we could be quick in our generation, we could also be inactive. Isn’t it a paradox that we are both a quick people and an inactive people. We are so fast, yet we are not moving forward. We are so loud, yet our voices are not heard. We are so rich, yet we are very poor. This paradox is so alarming, as it is scaring. Something should must be done!

Imagine a versatile, energetic, creative and industrious person that lies down a whole day or week or even month, or a year. Does his or her strength come to play or add value to anything or anyone while asleep? That is it! When we sleep, what we can do, and what we love to done – gets undone! We would love to speak out for something, but we are fast-asleep. What must be done is nothing but waking up!

That we are great nation and people is not in doubt; what many doubt is our willingness to wake up to responsibility and to wake up to opportunities. We must forsake our current sleeping beds for our places of responsibility, influence and authority. There is a nobility inside each one of us; when we sleep off, it lies with us; and when we rise up, it rises with us. Our nobility is not our reward for a work done; it is our identity for the work that must be done. Do not become frustrated by the prevailing mediocrity and idleness of minds, hands and hearts; become preoccupied with the need of your generation and device ways of meeting them with every resources deposited inside of your by your God and Maker.

I hope to get across with you very soon, till then, become alive to your responsibility as a human!


Gboyega Adedeji writes about Leadership Call on, Isaac Newton, Leadership Call, Leadership Waking Call, Nothing Changes Until

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