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Can a Man Find Fulfilment on another Man’s Purpose?

Created By: Gboyega Adedeji in Christian Living & Growth Books (4 months ago)

Can a Man Find Fulfilment on another Man’s Purpose?

Purpose is a foundational issue in heaven, on earth, in every corporate organizational decision and family choices. Once purpose is known; everything else can be known or deduced. In fact, purpose is so important to organizations that they coined phrase for it – Strategic Intent!

Beneath every organizational decision or commitment or production or expenditure is a strategic intent, which spells out in detail, the reason or basis for organizational goals or objectives.

Hence, no organization engages in strategic implementation or execution without first dealing with their strategic intention extensively. And as it is for organizations, it is for us humans. In fact, purpose is so important as a key determinant of our style, attitude, association, discipline, sacrifice and any other thing that concerns us.

Thus, everyone is expected to make moves in life only after the purpose for living is known; and every move must as a matter of general rule be towards that discovered purpose.

That is, you are not expected to choose your friends randomly; nor are you expected to choose your vocation haphazardly – you must actually make those choices as guided by the understanding of your purpose.

The question then is, “Can a man find fulfilment in another man’s purpose?” Firstly, no man can find fulfilment outside purpose; and true fulfilment (inner satisfaction for successful completion of assignment) can only come from fulfilling one’s own purpose.

You see, no two people have same purpose; however, two people can fulfil their unique purpose working together. And the fact that you’re working in an organization does not mean you cannot fulfil your own special purpose within or around the corporate purpose. But you must be sure that your purpose is well known by you and worked on daily by you. Should you choose otherwise, see this:

Can one walk on hot coals, and his feet not be seared?

Proverbs 6:28

Each time you attempt another man’s calling, follow another man’s dream, live another man’s life, or obey another man’s order; you actually walk on hot coals – and if you do not make a great choice to stop now; you might get your life, marriage, finance, business and health burnt or destroyed!

You see, you cannot run another’s race; neither can you become another’s image – you’ve got your own special life to live. If you get envious of others and abandon yours – your regret is around the corner!


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