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10 Reasons Why Success is a Must

10 Reasons Why Success is a Must eBook
by Emmanuel Osele George (Author)

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It's either Success or Success - not a Option!

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Book Details

Book ISBN: 978-978-956-478-1

Book Code: e1RWSIAM2018

Book Publisher: Deon and Debby

Book Format: PDF

Book Pages: 0 Pages

Book Availability: Auto-Delivered Wirelessly

Book Size: 841

Book Views on LaPrice: 452 Times


This book is the first of its kind; it explains practical concepts that drive success in all life endeavours.  You might have read titles on how to succeed, good. But 10 Reasons Why Success is a Must is a book that gives you the in-depth understanding of WHY success is nonnegotiable.


In fact, this is a manual you need to activate the power of success in you and the approaches to your daily endeavours will take a new shape.


In life, education is not a must, but once you are admitted into a school or enrolled for a skill, success becomes a must. Marriage is likewise not compulsory but the moment you start a love affair or get married, success is a must. Owning a business is not a must but you don't pray to fail when you start a business – success is a must!

More About the Author

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10 Reasons Why Success is a Must - Emmanuel Osele George: Self Growth eBook |

Emmanuel Osele George is a prolific Nigerian writer, inspirational speaker, and teacher of the Word, whose passion is directed towards making everyone live a fulfilled life. He has his articles and poems published on newspapers, magazines, blogs and other social media networks.

As a counselor, teacher and inspirational speaker, he has spoken at conferences/seminars and organised group talk (discussion). He loves God and believes in a New Nigeria, birthed out of the mind; free of corruption and tribalism.


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