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Marriageology: Guidance on Your Way to and from the Altar

Marriageology: Guidance on Your Way to and from the Altar eBook
by Gboyega Adedeji (Author)

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Every marriage is about total leaving for cleaving. Whenever any couple refuses to leave completely to cleave completely, the marriage suffers from the shame of nakedness and purposelessness. This book will help you to avoid shame of nakedness and the emptiness of purposelessness in your own marriage.

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Book Details

Book ISBN: 978-978-54148-5-1

Book Code: eMGOYWTAFTA201

Book Publisher: Kingdom Pathwalker Inspirationals

Book Format: PDF

Book Pages: 64 Pages

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Book Size: 6.41MB

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Marriage is for a purpose in the heart of God; however, fulfilling the purpose requires suitability of the woman to the man. I believe that every man is built with some deliberate needs or gaps, which every woman is designed accurately to meet or fill up. Some days ago, my Wife published some articles on Understanding in Marriage, she noted emphatically that "there are no perfect couples, but couples that understood themselves perfectly." If we take it from there, we could say that God did not create "supermen", but He created women to make men appear super! 

Your wife is built to cover up your own deficiencies; if you therefore despise her simplicity or willingness to help, your folly will be clear to all. Do you remember the story of Nabal and Abigail? That man was a fool, yet, he was married to a wise woman. Will you call that a coincidence or a mistake? None of the two I believe! Nabal was rich, but was also foolish; you might then ask, "how did the fool gather up enough money or wealth?" Then, I will remind you that he had a wise wife! The question then is, "how was Nabal perceived by the people in the city?" I believe that he was seen as a wise rich man! However, when he began to make decision without the help of his wise wife, his folly became more pronounced to the point that his wife could no longer cover it up, but make it a public knowledge.

In marriage, faults, mistakes, weaknesses and blames are to be covered. And that is why the Scriptures say that love does not parade itself, nor seeks its own. (1 Corinthians 13:4-8). When a woman brings her gifts, skills, passion, drive, submission, focus, dedication, faith, hope and care to the table of any man; such a man becomes bigger and larger. In short, women are the special gifts of God to men to cover their nakedness. 

However, no woman can correctly fulfill her own purpose in marriage if she is not correctly suited for the man; and if she is not cleaved to the man. You see, some women are gifted, blessed and humble; however, their relevance and value is more tilted towards their earlier families. Every marriage is about total leaving for cleaving. Whenever any couple refuses to leave completely to cleave completely, the marriage suffers from the shame of nakedness and purposelessness. 

More About the Author

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Marriageology: Guidance on Your Way to and from the Altar - Gboyega Adedeji: Family, Parenting & Relationships eBook |

Gboyega Adedeji is a Nigerian and an Ambassador of Christ sent to Nigeria for the cause of His Kingdom. By divine-making, he reads, teaches and speaks. He is a Dad to his daughter and a husband to his lovely wife Omolara. Simply, he is a Writer, Teacher, Coach, Leadership Developer, Conference Speaker and Publisher among others.
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