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The Battle of Destination

The Battle of Destination eBook
by Lara Adedeji (Author)

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Book Details

Book ISBN: 978-978-51306-8-3

Book Code: pk-BOD2013

Book Publisher: Kingdom Pathwalker Inspirationals

Book Format: PDF

Book Pages: 80 Pages

Book Availability: Auto-Delivered Wirelessly

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CHAPTER ONE:          Life and Death                      1.
CHAPTER TWO:          Life                                      7.
CHAPTER THREE:       Battle of Life                      15.
CHAPTER FOUR:        Weapons of Our Battle    20.
CHAPTER FIVE:           The Promise                        23.
CHAPTER SIX:             Destination: Flesh Vs Spirit      43.
CHAPTER SEVEN:       The Way                           52.
CHAPTER EIGHT:        The Judgment                     59.
CHAPTER NINE:          The Battle of Destination      65.

The Battle of Destination is a book that transcends human understanding and comprehension to reveal to us the eternal truth and mystery that has been hidden from past generations. Every day, we are on the battlefront waging war not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, powers, rulers, imaginations and thoughts: that have exalted themselves above the knowledge of Christ. The invisible battle that we fight on a per second, minute, hourly and daily basis have left a lot with bruises, severe wounds, put a lot of people in the state of coma (comatose) and many have lost their lives to these battles.

Everyman born into the world comes into this invisible battle and strife to survive. Unfortunately, many have devised several means that they have passed on from generation to generation in this battle. The battle front tactics differs from race to race, people to people, nation to nation, language to language, but the result of it all is the same DEATH. God's truth is the only infallible tool that can present and to deliver life, as a victory sentence to anyone on this battlefront. It is not a product of how good, powerful or wise you are, that can guarantee you victory.

Every day, we ALL journey to a destination, consciously or unconsciously. The tools that make for progressing either of the ways, we choose to go is ALL within. God will be opening our eyes to see and to understand-where we need to go, what we need as we journey towards this destination and how to get there.

More About the Author

› Visit LaPrice's Omolara Adedeji Page
 The Battle of Destination by Lara Adedeji. Religion & Spirituality eBook @ LaPrice Nigeria Biography
Omolara Adedeji is a kingdom expander and she believes in the testimony of a transformed life as the greatest testimony of all. She is a voice of God for my generation, declaring the full counsel of God. She is a writer and speaker. She expresses her love for God through Kingdom Pathwalkers Ministries and Flickers of Hope Foundation. - See more at:


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