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10 Reasons Why Success is a Must

10 Reasons Why Success is a Must
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16 Secrets on How To Win Multiple Scholarships In Nigeria.

16 Secrets on How To Win Multiple Scholarships In Nigeria.
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by Abimbola Babatunde (Author)

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This book analysis the concept of miracle and tries to argue that amidst all odds, miracles are real and happening.


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Do you belief in Miracles? I know you will take a pause, miracle is a controversial topic. Believe in miracle is upheld by the spiritualist or Christians these includes the parting of the sea, turning water to wine, raising of the dead and other miraculous events as seen in the bible. While those who are atheist or free thinkers find it hard to acknowledge that miracle truly happens.

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MIRACLE: THE POSSIBLE IMPOSSIBILITY - Abimbola Babatunde: Self Growth eBook |

Abimbola 'tunde graduated in philosophy with honors and holds an academic masters in Human Resource Management and Industrial Relations, he is a seasoned writer and a detailed professional with an experience over 8 years cut across the IT, Telecoms, Insurance and Fund management industry. He is well grounded in Retail, dealer sales or Channel management, SME and Corporate (B2B and B2C) sales and has great skills which fit into any industry. Being a free thinker and leveraging on his academic qualification and professional training/network, he enjoys writing on a wide range of topics, such as Career, Business, Religion and Morality.


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(10 months ago) I was so confused about what to buy, but this makes it unednstardable.

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