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The 17 Success Partners

The 17 Success Partners eBook
by Gboyega Adedeji (Author)

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Book Details

Book ISBN: 978-978-51306-0-7

Book Code: pk-17SP2012

Book Publisher: Kingdom Pathwalker Inspirationals

Book Format: PDF

Book Pages: 174 Pages

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SECTION I:                SPIRITUAL PARTNERS                                                      

  • Godliness                               4.
  • Understanding of Purpose   16.
  • Vision                                     28.
  • Wisdom                                  38.
  • Faith                                       48.

SECTION II:               CHARACTER PARTNERS                                                   

  • Integrity                                 60.
  • Discipline                               69.
  • Contentment                          76.
  • Perseverance                         85.
  • Humility                                  92.
  • Leadership Mind-set             99.
  • Diligence                                109.
  • Strategic Thinking                 118.
  • Sense of Priority                   126.
  • Time Management                134.
  • Relationships                         141.
  • Knowledge                             150.

The 17 Success Partners is not just another book on the success corners of book shelves; but the inspired truth as the sure guide for any man or woman that desire success.

Success is desired by all; but not all are willing to give it all it takes or do all it demands to attain unto it. But, with a guide as this book, any man can conscious begin his or her own walk unto true and enduring success: For while many people in the world today in Politics, Business, Media, Sports, etc., chase after "success"; very few people are being chased daily by success. But why?

We have come to discover that success do not really chase men; but chases after its partners that are embraced by the few. So, this book promises to hand over into your hands; the proven partners of true success; that every man must embrace; to be chased by lasting and true success.

More About the Author

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The 17 Success Partners - Gboyega Adedeji: Self Growth eBook |

Gboyega Adedeji is a Nigerian and an Ambassador of Christ sent to Nigeria for the cause of His Kingdom. By divine-making, he reads, teaches and speaks. He is a Dad to his daughter and a husband to his lovely wife Omolara. Simply, he is a Writer, Teacher, Coach, Leadership Developer, Conference Speaker and Publisher among others.
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